Friday, March 7, 2008

Fargo, ND

I met Marilyn today at the Mall in Fargo, ND around 8:00pm. She seemed completely normal when she first started asking me questions (where a certain restaurant was located, how many blocks the mall was from the downtown area, etc) but then she asked if I would buy her lunch. Immediately after asking she told me "Forget I asked, I am guessing you are a struggling college student..." I tried to sneak away but she again cornered me and asked for a ride to a downtown restaurant. It was 20 below zero outside so I figured I would be nice and give her a ride but before we left she ran around the food court in the mall frantically handing out these papers to everyone in the room.
When we got in the car she had a roll of scotch tape she kept unrolling and taping on her purse. Then she took out the papers she was carrying and began scribbling notes on each one with a red pen. Eventually, she starting telling me about her "cause". I didn't get much out of it, just something about a church taking her money, something about black segregation, her being charged with a car jacking, and then about how the army and CIA were after was then I realized she was crazy. I dropped her off at the restaurant and she left me one of her "Protocols". After reading through it I realized the stuff she had wrote in red ink while in my car said this: "8:03 pm The Mall, 667 Microwave Technology Bathroom Button offense" (8:03 was about the time I met her) and "8:20 carjacking offense, Racketeering offense, oral sex ride. JOHN RIDE." (8:20 was the time we left the mall) kind of creeps me out. Was she thinking of taking my car? I am confused...? What do you know about this woman?