Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Hope, MN

I became a member of the Microwave Marilyn Club last night around 6pm. I was filling up with gas at a station along 169 in New Hope and she approached me asking for a ride to the Applebee's on 42nd. It was sort of on my way home, and she looked harmless enough so I agreed. She got in the truck while I went in and paid for my fuel.
When I got in, she was busy with her papers, circling different things like others have said. She had the window rolled down and as we got underway, I asked her to roll it up as it would be pretty chilly.
I wished that I hadn't asked her to do that, as it didn't smell very good in the truck afterwards. I don't think the poor gal has been in the shower for a few days.

Anyway, the ride went peaceful, with neither of us saying anything. She never asked for any money. When I got to where Applebee's was, she opened the door to get out along the street, told me that I "was a gentleman and a scholar", and said that she was leaving me one of her papers.
Then she proceeded to ramble on with some of the things that others have talked about, most of which I couldn't make out except for the part about this guy "that's able to car jack your car military style".

I was pretty amazed after putting Ringwalds name into a search engine that all this stuff popped up. She's got quite a following.

I wonder if she'll ever be on Letterman or Leno? :)


Anonymous said...

Just to let you all know that Marilyn gibbs is now in La Crosse Wisconsin, I work at a bar and like others have encountered she was circling her papers, she then asked me to call a cab for her. The cab took her to the womens battered shelter in La Crosse. that was on April 6th 2008.