Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Minneapolis, MN

I encountered Marilyn Gibbs in Minneapolis, MN at apple bees yesterday the 18Th of March. The encounter sounds typical to the experiences of others. She was passing out two-sided photocopies of her message to me and everyone in the restaurant. She had asked a couple to give her a ride to Medina MN and they had agreed to do so. As soon as they had left the whole restaurant was talking we were all hoping that she wasn’t some killer who just walked out with these two poor people. So as soon as I got home I searched her name and it turns out she is quit a traveler. Nothing in her note had made any sense to me or my husband. But it goes like this.

A National Black Church microwave abuse oppression 20 million black church frames controlled by there old black church women frames; hazel the offense own the oral sex offense given to them by Carl Wyman. They are a national four stalking my travel to recollect on the 2002 Boston Massachusetts $800 trillion dollar illegal offense fund $900 million dollar illegal collection in Illinois, Indiana was a documented collection in 2001. Race Separation is in the supreme court. Tortured lobbyist. Marilyn Gibbs
This man and woman is in the building now.
Mr. + Mrs. John and Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald.
1. Black Minister, Police officer uniform set up and Drug addict, and elks organization, Ghetto street Minister pimp in the night in his coat Racketeering oral sex prostitution offenses. His ghetto church army is fifteen (15) street ghetto drug addicts in coats abusing patrons, staff and children 24 hour, hourly hits.
2. Directions from Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin ringwald. She collects as me a white woman saying white racism and microwave abuse oppression. Her rich white boy friend deals are on the town. They oral sex and there rich white deals.
3. They are racketeering trillion dollar oral sex prostitution offenses bad paper payment plan.she own the lock down mental ward offense stalking my travel through her husband’s police uniform job set up and her rich white boyfriend deals on the town. Check the box on your frame, your microwave technology.
4. John rodwin Ringwald look like a white man now. Carl Wyman, Howard warper . 667 microwave technology.
5. Carl wyman own them. Howard warner, Hazel flu offense and they are employed white men in the night to travel them safe.
They are in the recollect on the trillion dollar disbursed to Minneapolis illegally from my raft 2257. a national four. to put the money back in the black church.
The back side reads;
They Are Pimping Military CIA Technology. Carl Wyman They Have Technology That No One See There Travel.
Black Church Ghetto Army. Directives From Kurston Sawyer. [illegible] Organization Black Man, Howard Warner, Pimp Man In The Night. A National Black Microwave Abuse Oppression For Ten Years In Every Building. Controlling My Was In A Prostitution Oppression. Black Man, Howard Warner Own The White Boy From Atlanta, GA. To Control The Whole Town In A Prostitution Oppression To Abuse Everything. Black Coat Woman Oppression Black Men And Women In The Night Of The Black Church. Pimps In The Night. The Gutter Of The Black Church And The Ghetto.
Send For SWAT And The Military To Get Them Off The White Towns.
1. There Main Frames, (Whole Microwave Technology) The Have Enough Technology To Control Three (3) Countries. It takes Ten (10) Black Frames To Control A Country. Ten Main Frames. Thirty (30) Black Ministers. Chemical Processed White Niggers. To Collect On The Offense Funds Stalking My Travel. Racketeering.
2. Black Line Abuse. John Rodwin Ringwald’s Pimp Line Up. The Say That They Are My Brain, Spiritual Direction. They Have A White Box Saying White Racism And Microwave Abuse.
3. Black Box Abuse. Carl Wyman Own The Black Box To Ad Control The Whole Town In A Prostitution Oppression To Abuse Everything. He Employs White Men In The Night To Travel Them Safe And Open The Lines To The Town To Attack Me And Hand Over White Towns To There Black Men And Women In The Night To Abuse In Prostitution.
(4) Microwave Technology 667. A Prostitution Technology Now. John Rodwin Ringwald Put A Klansman Raft On My Technology To Attack Black Women. He Is A Chemical Processed White Nigger Police Officer Now. They Travel The Technology Saying White Racism Is Attacking Me.
5. Microwave Moron Technology The Whole Town For Prostitution [illegible] The Offense, Oral Sex Offense On the White Wealthy Towns, Men Women And Children And Government Officials And White Domestic Violence Shelters. No One Sees the Offense.
6. My Raft 2257. My Raft Says I Am Not To Be Refused A Service. They Are Separating Technology To Keep It Safe. They Have Technology That No One Sees There Travel.
7. Twenty Million Black Frames. Hazel The Offense Controls The Black Frames. She Owns The Oral Sex Offense On Your Wealthy White Men, Women And Children. Government Officials Reals. Twenty Million Black Church Frames Stalking My Travel.
A Tortured Microwave Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs, A One Woman Fight.


phoxx1x said...

Apparently I encounterd the same woman at the Greyhound Bus Stop in Altoona yesterday. The handout was signed AKA Erynn Hanford, Lobbyist, Activist, Marilyn Gibbs. A One woman Fight.
I was quite distubed bythe handout because I work for a domestic violence program and I know these things to NOT be true at our level.
Jill Alane Moore
Bradford PA.