Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Davis, CA

She was in the UC Davis library today handing out fliers with seemingly random business cards attached to them. She handed out three copies of the same letter to everyone she saw. When she handed her letter to my friends and I, she mumbled something about Dr. King.

(hand written in the margins)
and a Michael Jackson in the cemetary army that are transported in white tractor trailer trucks big white fish trucks, U-Haul hitch trailers, white works vans and white pick-up trucks imported from Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Look for the side doors on the trucks.


Carl Wyman 20,0000 Traveling Ghetto Amry, (Mrs. Hazel Wyman)

A $20 Pimp. He Got Too Big For His Britches.

A Black Minister. The Salvation Army Shelter In A Ghetto,
Drug and prostitution Area. The earlington Heights Train Stop. Miami, Florida.

A Black Police Officer.
He look White Now. They Change Technology Twilight Appearances Every Hour And Business Frames Every Hour To Continue The Illegal Microwave Abuse Oppression Offense Funds Collections and Racketeering Microwave Abuse Oral Sex- Bathroom Rape Offenses on Wealthy Whites And The Whole Town, And Robberies and Murders.

They Chip And Attack There Whole Set -up. We All Got Chipped And Attacked At The Same Times. (Owners, Managers, Staff and Patrons)

You Will Know Him By The Oral Sex-Bathroom Rape Offense And Microwave Technology 667. (the following is and written) He put the offenses on a cheap microwave technology. They are not worth a dime!

He Is Traveling With Enough Technology to Abuse Every Town In America And He Is Traveling with a Team Of Hard Core Street Women That He Technology Twilight To Look Like Anna Nicole Smith, Miss White America, The Police Dept, The FBI, The Military and The Pentagon. They Microchip and Implant There Sex Deals On The Whole Town By Injection. (Mrs. Kurston Rodwin) They Are In Every Building In Town Making Deals On My Fifteen (15) Year Offense Offense, My Raft 2257 And My Microwave Technology 667. $900 Million, $800 Trillion And All Of The Money Made On My Raft 2257 And My Microwave Technology 667.

All of My FIfteen (15) Year Offense Funds Are Banked Under The National Black Church. (the following is handwritten) I don't know them. I am not a married woman.

Lobbyists, Activists, Marilyn Gibbs (Rodrigues) Race Separation to the Hispanic Race To Stop Black Race Abuse From Attacking Me For My 15 Year Offense Funds. I Am Traveling As A Hispanic Woman And I Don't Want To Be Mistaken As Black Woman.
I Have Shaved Off All Cultural Connection To The Black Race. They Need My Travel To Travel Safe, Stalking Me Saying Black Protection. They Tell You That They Are Going To Kill Me For You To Take There Bad Deals, E-Mail My White Friends And Let Them Send Help To Kill Every Black Voo Doo Witchcoat In America And Haiti.
They Have The Whole Life After Death Process From Carolyn Haiti And Jasmire Haiti From Safe Space Domestic Violence Shelter in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida.

Mrs. Hazel Wyman's Raft 207 Says That They Have Always Written For Me. They Are Reading Back to Me my Old Letters. There National Black Church Line Abuse On Both Ears. They Are Switching And Rewriting My Letters. A John Rodwin And A Howard Warner Offense. 911 Police Bomb Them Right now. (And There ELKS Organization White Men In The Night


Tim said...

Well, I'm glad she got to Davis. When I met her (Monterey -> Watsonville entry) she said her goal was to get to Davis.

Hope she's doing OK.