Friday, February 5, 2010

Petaluma, CA

I was leaving the hospital because I was dropping off my father. My dad told me not to wait around because it was going to take a long time. moments before I left i noticed the a black women walk Thur the waiting area and out the door. Not but a couple minutes I left for home too. As I was leaving the parking lot I phoned a friend and as i was waiting for my friend to pick up my call, I was flagged down by a older black female. At first I thought that the lady just needed directions. So I pulled over and rolled down the window and the lady asked if she could get a ride to the nearest bus station. I was on the phone with my friend still and was not really thinking much about so I said yes. Shortly after my phone call I asked her which one she wanted to be dropped off at. In the few seconds I was on the phone it went for the nearest bus station to the Santa Rosa (a town about an half hour drive away) city hall. I wasn't happy wit it but I thought that I could do a good deed and wold receive some good karma for it. So the I started driving to Santa Rosa and got about half way there before any conversation got started. She asked me if I was hungry and I told her that I just eat. She said that she had some cheese and went into her bag but pulled out a whole loaf of bread. The she tried to tell me that she was an activist and was trying to got her money for some white cop. I acted like I was reding the paper but I was drivingand didnt think much of it. So we were coming up on City Hall and the she changed her mind and wanted to be droped off on the corner of Hazel and Olive. Then I asked her where that was at and she didn't know. At this piont I was getting mad but she was a little old lady and couldn't jus kick her out of my car. So I called my friend form earlier and asked him to look up the street. Luckily I was in the remote area so I finally got to the corner of the two streets. When we got there I was trying to get her out my car and awnswering ya to every thging she was saying. Then she broke out into this storie that she was chiped by this cop and gave me a stack of papers that were all the same. She told me if I did what was on the papers that i would be intitled to some of her money. Then she told me that i was her mexican brother forever. I told all my friends about what happened and they didnt belive me so I showed them the paper she gave to me. we were cracking up when we read it and then found this website.