Friday, February 12, 2010

Santa Rosa, CA

We found Marilyn G Rodriguez at a friends funeral in Santa Rosa 2/12/10 .

She drooped in after going to another church near by. She finds her way to churches apparently and if they are open or active just goes in. She has a church background. We although Anglo attended a Church of God in Christ, and she speaks with the gracious courtesy of a woman raised up in the African American church family.

We felt compelled to let her spend the night and prayed with her. She was very gracious, well spoken and gentle. Obviously traumatized and deeply in need of understanding and compassion. In review a few of these posts we see a stream of consistency that suggest pieces of reality. But buried under a construct for security.

She spent the night, took a bath, helped wash dishes and wanted to be dropped off at the local Catholic Church.

She expressed that she is ready to be done with her battles, is weary of the fight and we prayed with her that she could lay them down, trust in G-d to be be her protection, vindication and deliverer. We will continue as compelled to pray for this sweet kind gracious yet burdened woman. It is so very clear to us the importance of forgiveness of those that offend. The need to trust G-d to be the defender and vindication of those outside of our sphere of influence, lest we get consumed with battles we can never win. David the king of Israel put it best.."I have learned how to quiet my self like a weened chilled on my mothers breast, I do not worry about things to great for me" May Marilyn find such peace with the G-d she surely knows and has kept her "in her travels".

We pray the L-rd G-d king of heaven's armies protect, guard and release this precious person to peace, restoration, and wholeness. May those that have done her harm receive their just desserts.