Monday, February 22, 2010

Richmond, VA

I recently saw the words " chemical white processed black woman" on a forum and immediately recognized them. So I googled it and found this sight.
I was living in the Fan/Museum District of Richmond, VA from June of 2006 to June of 2007. Not sure of the exact date, most likely in the fall of '06, but my roommate's folks were visiting from Georgia. They we out seeing the town,my roommate and I were both at work, and this elderly black lady on the sidewalk asked them to roll their car window down while they were stopped at a stop sign. They did and she handed them a business card from a local Holiday Inn, said "thanks" and walked away. She had written "her manifesto" on the back.
We all kind of laughed about it, I stuck it in a corner of a picture frame we had hanging on the wall. It was just some random scribblings of some random lady. I guess not. We kept it, really, because it was funny but this website gives it a whole new meaning.
Attached is a photo of the back of the card. I still have it, hanging on my wall in GA. This places her in Richmond, VA in late summer/early fall of '06. Cannot really add much detail as I did not have any personal interaction with Mrs. Gibbs. Feel free to use anything from this or contact me.
This site is great, her story has me enthralled, I want to know as much about this lady as possible. Thanks for this.

[back of card]

Mrs. Kunston Sawyer Rodwin
Ringwald. She Is A Chemical
White Processed Black Woman.
Street Trash From California.

Microwave Abuse