Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Billings, MT

Marilyn came into the library at Rocky Mountain College with her literature on Tuesday November 11. She was fairly reasonable…odd…but not really anything too bad. She did need quite a lot of assistance looking up things online, using the photocopier, borrowing staples, whiteout, and a red pen. She was working on her literature, which she did hand out to some students and library staff. She asked for donations to pay for additional copies, which we declined, as we don’t even really give free copies to students. She did say one “off” thing to one of the students that made the student pretty uncomfortable, but Marilyn left shortly thereafter so it wasn’t much of an issue. She was pretty well dressed and smelled very strongly of perfume and took her wig off and on several times during her visit. She was just more odd, than anything else. I personally didn’t really have a problem with her.

It had been a while since we had gotten any “characters” in the library though, so I suppose it was time.