Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bozeman, MT

10pm 11/13 Bozeman. Perkins
4 of us students were taking a study break in Perkins. One of the guys
noticed a professionally dressed black woman walk in, and take her wig
off. I didn't see her walk in, but when I looked, sure enough there was
a bald black woman eating alone. Once she was done doing whatever, she
approached me with the typical hand written photo copied letter you've
been reading about. on the outside was a different note on each one, it
said something like. "Come abuse me in the Blue Sky Motel. Room .....
8:30 tomorrow night. Look for broken door latch and crooked window." We
read parts of the note, but couldn't understand a damn thing. She
reminds me of the old white lady who lives outside of the White House
in DC, wearing an aluminum foil hat and protesting the gvt. Anyways, we
get back to the MSU library, and I noticed a hand written photo copied
note on one of the tables. Apparently she had been there shortly before
us. She never really went into detail about what she was doing. She
never really gave descriptive sentences. It was always something like
"Microwave technology, research it" or "wealthy white women," shit like
that. on one of her notes, she made reference to some of the smaller
Montana towns which surprised me, but I'm guessing she just chose
random towns and I-90 cities. Butte, Bozeman, Terry, Billings, Laurel,
Park City. Then the small rural or indian towns Fort Belknap Lewistown,