Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rigby, ID

I was driving into town, on Nov. 15th 2008, to walk my dog in the local parks and that's when I saw Marilyn on the side of the Main street trying to get someone's attention.
I live in Rigby, Idaho. Its a small town of about 3000 people.
She was asking for directions to the local hospital which we don't have in Rigby. Then she asked about a place to get copies and a place to eat. She wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant but settled for Subway since we were right near one.
On the way to Subway I asked her how she arrived here and she said a rude bus driver dropped her off in town. She also said she was on her way to Boise Id. I dropped her off at Subway and told her I would be back. I assumed she was going to grab a bite to eat but I noticed a sign on her back and when I asked her about it she said she was a protester and could I direct her to the printers. I told her I would be back and take her there. When I got back from walking the dog she was still sitting in subway and was writing feverishly. I didn't see food so I asked her if she had already eaten and she said she had no money and would I be able to afford a sandwich for her. This is when I started to realize the poor woman was not all there. I got her a sandwich,chips and a drink and I sat with her and read her sign. I couldn't understand what I read. It was a bunch of accusations.
I asked her where she wanted to go and she asked if I could let her stay at my house or if I knew someone that would put her up. I told her I didn't and couldn't and she asked me to drop her off ant the local grocery store because it was busy and she may find someone there to help her.
She then thanked me for buying her lunch and gave me a 3 page copy of her manifesto. She asked my name and phone number, which I gave her and it may show up in the next rendition of her manifesto. She said I was her new white, best friend and to pay close attention to articles 12 and 13 of her manifesto.
As most people have noticed she was dressed in a nice looking beige outfit and a beige raincoat. I noticed her wig was itching her badly.
After dropping her off I went home and read the papers she gave me and gooled like others here and found this site. I have a scan of the papers she gave me if anyone is interested you may write to me at


Anonymous said...

She was in Idaho Falls within a few days after this sighting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she was. She stayed at the Ruth House women's shelter in Idaho Falls. If I could have taken her to a local hospital and got her some help, I would have. She refused and if you talked to her about getting help or mentally ill she got very upset and felt like you were trying to hurt her. Really I don't know that anyone can do anything because she doesn't hurt anyone. When I came in contact with her I looked online and saw an article about her robbing someone in Nebraska. She asked them for a ride and then took some money out of their console. I don't remember the amount, maybe $10.00, but it's hard to really tell if she's dangerous. I was so blown away by the information that she gave me. I couldn't understand it at all. I thought about her for a long time after she left the shelter. She needs GOD because her thoughts are not healthy.