Monday, November 3, 2008

Havre, MT

I encountered Marilyn as a result of one of my professors reporting to me about a bald black man in a dress sitting across from my friend Lydia in the Library on our campus MSU-Northern in Havre Mt.
Intrigued, I went to investigate, as I was walking in the door I saw a black woman scratching her head (wig moving all around) talking to Lydia. Then Lydia pointed pointed to me. Hmmm this was sure to be interesting. Anyhow I work in the campus copy center so this was right up her ally with the letter copying and all. White out and last minute corrections, I made her copies for her and she ate several of our cookies, and stuffed half our kleenex box in her pocket. She was pushy but polite, and having been "blessed" with several pages of her ramblings myself, am convinced she endured a horrible life altering experience that has left her mentally scarred. Who knows, but I am glad to have encountered her, and glad to have been able to help her. I will be interested to follow her story.


Anonymous said...

Well, this seemingly crazy lady showed up at our store (Big Bear ) in Great Falls Montana on Nov. 6th 2008 at approximentaly 2:00 PM. Of course we received a copy of her bizarre manifesto. She claimed to be heading to Washington to protest the President before he leaves office. She is clearly not sane. Her writings are of a jumbled nature at best. I do find it interesting that I was able to so quickly find info on her on the web. Hopefully she will find what she is searching for. Also, she seems to hate microwaves. (ovens? transmissions?) After asking for a staple gun and tape, which we declined to give her, she gave us her 3 page manifesto, which she had several of pinned all over clothing, and left. I will probably watch, out of curiosity, her movements on this site now. Very weird indeed.