Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marilyn Gibbs waved me down in front of St. Mary’s Church in Park City, Utah, and asked for a ride to Sandy on Sunday November 30, 2008. That’s exactly where I was headed so I obliged. She was dressed very well, and immediately taped her Manifesto to the side window of the car. She had duct tape on the zippers of her bag, due to being robbed several times, she stated. Since the drive is about 40 minutes, we had time to talk. After about 5 minutes, her story wasn’t making much sense. Corrupt police officers, black on black offenses, etc. I just listened.

She asked if I would take her to the Office Depot in Sandy, and if I would contribute $15.00 to making copies of her manifesto. I agreed. As we got into Salt Lake, I suggested we stop in Murray, since it was closer, but Marilyn insisted that we go to the Office Depot in Sandy, near the McGrath’s Fish House. Since, I was actually familiar with the area she was referring to, we kept driving. When we arrived in Sandy, we drove by Staples, and Marilyn suggested we go there instead. Once inside, Marilyn asked for a female store manager, and proceeded to tell her that she only had $15.00 and would the manager agree to donate the remaining cost of making 150 copies of her manifesto. The manager agreed. I bought Marilyn some cashews, gave her the $15.00 and she gave me a big hug and thank you.

After reading her manifesto, it seems she may have been violently abused in some way in the past. There is a much reference to sex abuse. She struck me as well spoken, intelligent, but mentally disturbed. I have been thinking a lot about her since we met. She is exceptionally street savvy, and seems skilled with dealing with people and getting what she needs. I just hope that somewhere along her travels she meets someone who can help with her mental instability and she finds some peace of mind. I wouldn’t know how to help. I asked her of all the places she has traveled which was her favorite city; and she said Auburn, California. I asked her why, and she replied that everyone there was very nice and treated her well. I hope she gets back to Auburn and finds a home.