Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frederick, MD

I encountered Marilyn as I was leaving my class Wednesday evening (April 23) around 6:12 pm. She politely asked for help finding a church to attend a Bible Study. She seemed nice enough so I told her I would help. We arrived at the church a little early so she asked if I could take her to near by restaurant to wait. There was a Freeze King close by and since it was a very nice day, I took her there. Before getting out of my truck she asked for a red or blue pen. She then began to explain her situation while underlining passages on the paper as well as documenting a carjacking offense. Afterwards she handed me the paper which is similar to everyone else’s. She thanked me for the ride, shook my hand and left.

I contacted the Church she was trying to get to see if she did make it there. It appears she did and is now trying to make her way to D.C.

This has certainly been an interesting experience and I do wish Marilyn well in her journey and hope she finds her answers.