Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frederick, MD

In Frederick, Md on April the 23rd at about 3pm.

A neatly dressed middle aged black woman came into the office of our staffing agency in Frederick, Md (30 Minutes outside of Baltimore).
I stood to great her as she entered and asked her how she was. She said that she was doing very well considering that she was "very old."
When I asked how I could help her, she bypassed me and said "I want to talk to the ladies." She walked over to the desk of 2 of my colleagues
who are both Caucasian females. She sat a big handbag on an office desk and pulled out some papers. She handed them to one of the girls and
asked them to give them out to the local woman's shealter. She gave them 4 copies because she saw 4 of my women colleagues in our office. She re-iterated to give them to the battered woman shelters and to give them to the white women. They were photocopies of a hand written letter that appears to have originally written
on the torn out page of a handbook. The writing on it said:"Equinox Inc. Domestic Violence Shelter. Guidlines & Resources. Bedroom #13."

Her thoughts seem to be a tad bid scattered. I don't want to speak out of turn, as I am not a physician, but I have a feeling that she may be somewhat mentally ill.
However, she does make some good points. Plus, being a male, I wouldn't qualify for the White Women Swat Team.

As far as her cause, I have chosen not to get involved because this Carl Wyman sounds like one bad ass that I don't want to aggravate. He does after all Own the Black Box.

I do not have the ability to scan the document but the hand writing read as follows:

Give to the White Women Board of Directors of National Domestic Violence organization in Frederick, Maryland. Heartly Shelter. Check the box on there frame, there microwave technology. When black men and women tell the shelter that they want to protect black women from white racism and microwave abuse oppression, shoot them. Send ten white women that kill. Your white men will take there bad black deals. When Carl Wyman and John Rodwin and Howard Warner and there staff and the blacks in town own the town by white racism and microwave abuse oppression, shoot them. Don't give them goods, services, and employment.

Tell them to pay Heartly Shelter now for the six year abuse on the national organization. Tell peace for families domestic violence organization shelter and the town of Auburn, California to avenge the abuse. Tell them to leave the military, FBI, CIA, and pentagon technology to heartly shelter.

Albany, New York. Change of location. Firestone and Italian restaurant. Every pimp in town know the location of the shelter. Close every shelter in the country before these black men and women in the night of the Black Church pimp domestic violence shelters nationally and internationally. (Canada) What is on line, they don't want to die in the Ghetto Washington DC (and there White Men in the Night). Put the white girls in private homes. Carl Wyman and his national black church, 20 million black church frames controlled by his his old black church women frames, pimp women in the night put there black girls in private homes, give them social services and employment.


Send for the military, a woman swat team to get them off of your white town. Your men will take there black deals.

They know that your town don't have enough technology to stop there black church takeover. They are a traveling prostitution ring racketeering microwave abuse rape offenses nationally and internationally. They are seperating the technology to keep it safe. They have technology that no one see there travel. Tell your white women swat team to radar them and blow them up. A Tourtured Microwave Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs.

1. Fifteen Main Frames. 150 Black Ministers to Control the Town Racketeering.
2. 20 Million Black Church Frames Controlled by the Old Black Church Women Frames In the Night. Hazel. The offense own the oral esex offense given to her by Carl Wyman to put on white domestic violence shelters, your wealthy white men, women and children, government officials and wealthy white business frames.
3. Microwave Technology 667. A prostitution technology to attack white women now (his white girl party) and white men and children. They can't sell ghetto offenses.
4. Moron Microwave Technology. The whole town for prostitution, robbery, and killings. Black church black line abuse on both ears telling me what to write.
5. Black church black box abuse. Carl Wyman own the Black Box.

We can only hope that Marilyn can figure our her situation and bring herself some peace.

God Speed, Marilyn.