Saturday, April 12, 2008

Naperville, IL

Marilyn approached my friends and I in front of a
Binny's liquor store and asked for a ride to k-mart
which was a few miles down the road, it was snowing so
we agreed. She seemed lucid and well groomed, not too
insane, however from her manner of speech i suspect
she has spent a good deal of time institutionalized,
mental or other. She gave us some things she had
written unfortunately I cant scan them for your
perusal at this time. She was going to K-Mart to ask
for a donation of a watch since hers had been taken,
and asked if we would buy her a watch, I would have
had I not been so poor at this time, and asked if we
could shelter her for the evening, I felt bad but
declined, after reading her papers I googled John
Rodwin Ringwald and found this site. She is still on
her way to the supreme court, healthy and alive. :)