Saturday, April 12, 2008

Naperville, IL

I ran into Maryiln Gibbs outside of Bevy’s Bar in Naperville, Illinois on Saturday, April 12th. At first she seemed like a normal lady who just wanted to ask me a question. I was outside smoking when she approached me. At first she asked me if I knew the time. I kindly told her 9:45 and thought the conversation was over. Boy was I ever wrong. She then asked me if I could give her a ride to the TGI Fridays down the street. I declined her on her request and continued to smoke my cigarette. She then asked if I could help her in her fight against an evil “nigger” police officer who was trying to oppress her. At this point, I knew I was dealing with a crazy lady. She proceeded to give me two hand-written flyers, which I reluctantly accepted. She was carrying around a blue shopping bag that was full of half used toilet paper rolls. When I went back into the bar, I read her miscellaneous ramblings and got a good laugh. My friend then Googled “microwave oppression” on his I-Phone and It lead me to this site. I have read most of the posts and knew that I had to continue to track her whereabouts. She is mentally ill I believe, but who knows the real truth. Please find enclosed the two flyers she had given me.


Anonymous said...

I am a train conductor in Chicago, and boy did I just have one of the most interresting rides. As u could guess I had my encounter with marilynn Gibbs! As I collected her ticket she handed me a sheet of paper and said she was being stalked by a black chicago police officer and that I had to read this. So I did. And it prompted me to do the same everyone else that comes in contact with. Yes the 667 microwave technology, the bathroom button offense. And other babblings about black church women and rich mend deals. Wish I had a scanner to post. As she got of the train at lake forest she said she owned this town and proceeded to walk back down the ramp and until she was out of site.