Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LaCrosse, WI

I was fortunate enough to encounter Marilyn at a La Crosse WI bar called The Library. As a group of my friends and I walked in we bellied up to the bar right next to her, not knowing we would get to meet one of the premiere civil rights leaders of our day. After we settled in she politely asked us for directions to an intersection in town, after recieving our directions she proceeded to get second and third oppinions on the route from every bartender who happened to be working that night. She then asked one of the bartenders to call her a cab to get her where she was heading. As she waited for her cab she continued to chat us up and repeatedly asked the bartender to keep calling her more cabs, even as her first one was on the way. When the cab arrived she informed me she was two dollars short of the six it would take to pay for the cab fare, being a pro civil rights citizen I gladly obliged. It is also worth noting that sitting on the barstool to her opposite side were two large garbage bags filled with toilet paper and such which she was carrying with her. This made sense to me as I later decyphered her letter and found that toiletries seemed to be very important to her.

I believe that Marilyin Gibbs is a hero and I intend to join her fight, as soon as I find out exactly what it is. Lipstick offense fungus, saline bags, and lard injection sound like no laughing matters to me. I hope everyone that reads this is also willing to join the cause before it's too late. I don't think I'm alone when I say that I don't want the "man" putting prostitution directives on my toiletries.