Friday, April 18, 2008

Michigan City, IN

We live in Michigan City .Indiana and we was driving down the road and there was this lady waving to us so we waved back and she stared yelling can you stop can you stop ... so we did i was a little scared ... my 4 year old was in the car ... and she asked us if there was a restaurant near bye and we told her wear it was and then she ask for a ride ... urrr we did it .. and when we got to the restaurant she sad she don't have enough money to be here and if we could give her a ride to somewhere else ..she kept asking to go to the richest white neighborhood around ... she said she had just got of the train and has been abused and needed help and then when we dropped her off in in Michigan City it took her for ever to get out of the car and then she stared going on on about the 667 microwave technology and all kinds of stuff i don't know what to think of it all so i got on her and looked it up !!!! She Also gave us these paper and asked us to tell everyone

Michigan City Indiana ,The wards !!!