Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chambersburg, PA

Yesterday, April 29th, Marilyn showed up on the campus of Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. She walked into my office in the library and handed me her manifesto. She had apparently handed it to at least one student also. After she left and I had read the manifesto, I gave it to our security crew and suggested that they notify the borough police. I was told that she was still in Chambersburg today but close to the interstate.

I am not qualified to say that she is dangerous but she is probably delusional and that in itself is a big problem on a college campus. Her manifesto includes racist epithets and she urges the reader to “shoot them” or “blow them away.” Rather than just writing to this blog, I really believe someone should be intervening with her and getting her off the street.


Anonymous said...

If she doesn't want medical attention and poses no immediate threat to herself or others, you can't make her. Crazy or not. Though her family or someone could petition the court to say otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, people find out about how delusional Marilyn Gibbs AFTER the fact. Days, hours, minutes too late to find her again.