Sunday, May 25, 2008

Springfield, OR

Wow...this one weirded me out. Gave her a ride to a
Jehovah's witness church, she looked like a nice old
"Rosa Parks" type gal. Very calm, and quiet. Then, she
wouldn't get out of the car, and began writing on a
flier she had. She wrote a note on the top of her
flier,"carjacking offense, tell them to pay for
abusing this white woman ride." She started doing a
weird head twitch thing,and said she was a little
dizzy, and I began to wonder if she was going to pull
out an oozie or something! She was so sweet and nice!
But, creepily scary like a Ted Bundy! I actually
checked my whole car after reading her flier to make
sure she didn't stick some sort of crazy government
tracker to it! lol..

Also, her flier says to call her Friend, Cheryl Welsh,
in Davis california, The phone number was a Cafe, so I
called information. the phone # she had on her flier
was 530-758-2626, and the directory # I was given, was
530-758-1626...she said the calls were being blocked ,
and to internet her friend, at Citizens Against Human
Rights Abuse. If you google that, it takes you to a
web site authored by Cheryl Welsh, and has all this
supposed research on microwave technology! Very creepy...