Monday, May 12, 2008

Chicago, IL

here is my account:

I was on the 8:30am Metra train travelling from Chicago to Aurora. At about hinsdale, or Clarendon hills, or Downers grove a woman came into the car and began speaking loudly. I was on the upper deck of the train and could not see her - only hear her. I didn't fully understand what she was saying - something about a woman's shelter - and her name "Marilynn Gibbs." there was an authority and a conviction in her voice and I assumed she was probably a social activist of some stature who had taken it upon herself to personally campaign for a woman's shelter in the place we were passing through. I was very impressed and inspired by her as she then proceeded to walk around and hand out her flyers. Of course, as I read I soon found that what i was reading was mental paranoia, conspiracy theory, reminiscent of bad mental breakdowns. she walked to the next car leaving a confused audience in her wake. People were actually taking her semi-seriously up until the point they started reading what she had handed out. Eventually she came back into the car and I had the opportunity to look at her as she sat in one seat, got up and moved to another, and then another before leaving the car for good. she was wearing a long tan trenchcoat with a copy of her manifesto safety-pinned on to the back of the coat. Also, from my birds eye vantage point it appeared that she was wearing a bad wig - it was easy to spot a big section where the hair was missing - and what was underneath was not her scalp. There was a black kid across from me studying his chemistry book and he asked her why she did not also give him a copy of her sheet and she told him it was because he was black.