Friday, December 12, 2008

Sandy, UT

I just had a Marilyn Gibbs encounter in Sandy, UT today (12/11/2008).

Ms. Gibbs approached me and a couple of other unsuspecting passengers aboard TRAX this morning and gave us copies of her "manifesto." It is a photocopied flier that appeared to be a women's shelter handout on one side and a Greyhound itinerary on the other, with her handwritten treatise scattered about most of the white space.

I have transcribed the pages below and have attached scans of the originals.


White Sisterhood For Protection. My Raft 2257 And My Microwave Technology 667. Give this Letter To Someone Who Know The Process Of Race Separation. The Black Church Women Gave My Wash To There Black Men. They Are On The Oppression In There Witchcoats. They Said No Help Will Come To Me But Through Them. The Black Woman Have No Business On My Life. AKA. Julie Hanary. Dave Rodrigues Is Not My Boy Friend.

The Ghetto Connection to the Police Dept: Carol Wyman, John Rodwin, Howard Warner And There White Men In The Night. Identity And Financial Theft: $900 Million, $800 Trillion, And All of The Money Made On My Microwave Technology 667. Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin + Hazel Wyman.

The Men Are On The Inside. Selling And Racketeering Microwave Abuse Oral Sex offenses That Are Not Worth A Dime. There Are Two (2) Black Women Residents In The Shelters. They Will Black Race Own Me To Black Race Abuse Me. Racketeering Offenses. Put Them Out of The Shelter To Keep Me And the Shelter Safe.

Check The Box On There Frame Every Hour. Technology Abuse.

A Technology Sleep Rape. Hourly Rapes Are Assigned.

West Jordan, Utah. Dec. 5, 6, 7, 2008. Room 104.

20 Million Black Church Frames And Old Frames Black Church Women. 2257 And 667 - OBAMA.

You Are Ansering To Killers, Robbers, Rapists, Pimps And There Street Women. Call Them All In At The Same Time. You Need To See Who You Are Answering To. They Look White Now. They Are Not Checking Their Microwave Technology Close Enough. Activist, Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs.


6:30 AM. Thurs. 12-4-08. Salt Lake. The Police Put Me Out of The Bus Station. 6:00 AM. Fri. 12-5-08. Provo. The Bus Never Came And The Bus Station Didn't open at 7:45 AM. I Left at 8:15 AM.

Interception By The Provo Police Dept For Kurston Sawyer.

Park City Peace Shelter. Utah. Domestic Violence Organization.

Evanston, WY 18 Blacks
Rock Springs, WY 201 Blacks
Rawlins, WY 69 Blacks
Laramie, WY 237 Blacks

Tell The Whole Town of Auburn, California To Avenge The Abuse And Peace For Families Domestic Violence Organization And Shelter.

St. Mary Canyon Paid For The ticket.

Peace D.V. Shelter.

Tell Them To Pay Now For The Abuse On The National Organization For Six (6) Years From The Boston 2002, Illegal Collection On The Microwave Abuse Opression Offense Funds On The 15 year Abuse On My Life. Show The Town Down And Kill The Ghetto Off Of The Organization NOW.

Park City, Ogden, YWCA Salt Lake, Provo And West Jordon Domestic Violence Shelters (A.K.A. Julie Hanary)