Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cedar City, UT

I met Marilyn Gibbs in Cedar City, UT today. My friend and I were sitting down for lunch and a nicely dressed, well-mannered black woman with a shaved head asked us where the UPS store was. We told her where to find the Office Depot and she thanked us. I notice that as she was preparing to leave (it was snowing pretty steadily) that she was adjusting a wig. I told her that her shaved head looked very good and she did not need a wig. She thanked me for being very kind and gave my friend and I a copy of her manifesto (the same one as the previous post from Sandy, UT on 12/11/09). I wish I would have known because we would have talked to her and taken her picture. Only after searching some terms from the manifesto on the internet did we realize that we came in contact with an underground celebrity. We looked for her around town (it’s a small town), and though we met several people who remembered her, we never found her again. Some ladies at Staples mentioned that she handed them some information that was for women’s eyes only. Unfortunately, they shredded the paper because it seemed too weird.