Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fargo, ND

I can't believe that there is a tiny little community out there of people who have come in contact with this woman. Astounding. Anyway, here's my story:

This was a few months ago, in February (I have no exact date). I work at a hotel/bar/restaurant in Fargo, ND. I had finished my shift and had sat down to have a beer in our lounge with a few coworkers of mine. Before long, someone came over to our table and showed us four napkins that had been written on "by some woman who was hanging around here earlier." We all read them and were confused by them. I kept them because I found their cadence interesting and I thought about using some of her rhythms in a poem. Here is what they read:

"Bus Station Offense, 2:00 p.m.
White Racism And Microwave
Abuse Oppression"

"2:00 pm Police Set Up From Mrs. Kurston Sawyer
Rodwin Ringwald. Mental
Wand, Lock Down Offense
Stalking My Travel To
Recollect In The Illegal
Microwave Abuse Offense Funds"

"Hotel Donaldson
Hits To The Stomach To Bleed
Me To Death. 3:30 pm"

"Hotel Donaldson 3:30 pm
Meal Abuse And Hotel Abuse
On Patrons, Guests and Staff.

1. Warm Up Technology Hit Offense
To Attack Patrons, Guest, Staff

2. 667 Microwave Technology
Bathroom Button Offense To
Own The Hotel And Town
By This Offense."

I didn't get to see her or hear a description of her other than that she appeared to be friendly and a little ... unstable. As a person who has had to deal with schizophrenia in my family, I hope she is safe and finds what she is looking for. I also dig her tactics. She's like Markoff Cheney in the "Illuminatus! Trilogy" running around causing raw chaos.

I'll subscribe to your blog, but if you're updating people about Marilyn over email, count me in.