Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Milford / New Haven, CT

Greetings. My name is Kris. I first saw Marylin Gibbs during the summer of 2002. In downtown Milford, Connecticut. At first glance I did not know what to make of this woman. She was rolling backwards down the street in a wheelchair surrounded my many trash bags and all you could really see was her head. Later that year she came to my father's store in downtown Milford and delivered a 4 page document to him insisting that he make copies of this document and bring them to the mayor for her.

There had been multiple sightings of her throughout the years in downtown Milford, CT. In 2004 I got a job working at Subway in Milford, CT. She came to Subway one day and was banging on our door demanding that we make her popcorn. One of my co-workers told her that Subway does not make popcorn. At which point she was screaming and swearing. Vocalizing that we were racists for not giving her popcorn. We asked her to leave the front of our store because she was causing a disruption. At this point she spit at my co-worker, then continued down the street. Dropping litter as she was traveling. We went and examined some of the litter she had dropped. Empty bags of potato chips, and cotton balls were amongst the filth she was leaving a trail of.

This woman caught the attention of many people in the downtown Milford, CT area and became a local legend from 2002, possibly earlier; until the last sighting of her in late 2004. Until I found this website I assumed she was still in the area. Now I come to see that she has been all over the country stirring up trouble.

The following images of the documents she brought to my father are dated from 2002. The first two pages were written to the city of Milford, CT. The second and third pages were written to the city of New Haven, CT. I see on this website that the earliest post is from 2006. I hope these 2002 documents might help shed some light onto the more recent sightings and documents she has handed out to other people during her travels.