Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Boston, MA

The other day on the train, a very strange woman walked up to me and yelled "ENGLISH?! ENGLISH?!". I looked at the woman on the other side of me, we stifled laughs, and I responded by saying: "If you're asking if I speak English, then the answer is yes. May I help you?". She asked how to get to Lowell, I told her, and she then sat down and handed me a few pieces of paper with a very long hand-written message on them. I read the first sentence, looked at her and said, "what is this about". She said, "It's about oppression by technology is what it's about! Read it." I said I didn't want it, but she convinced me to read it and then stared at me for the rest of the ride, until I got off. She urged me to "TELL OTHERS! HE'S PARADING AS A WHITE MAN!" So, here is my means of telling others. All typoes are intentional, as I am typing it as it appears. Get yourself a tasty beverage for this long read. And without any further ado:

John Rodwin Ringwald Is A White Pimp Now. Terroring Wealthy White Areas Racketeering Prostitution Offenses. Haze Flue Offense, Oral Sex Offense.

Take The Services Off Of Microwave Technology 667. The Technology Is A Prostitution Technology Against WHITE WOMEN NOW. Pimp Man, Coat Man, Wash Man, Technology Boy JOHN RODWIN RINGWALD Got It Off Of Me In Travel In Boston, Massachusett. Take The Technology Off Of Him. The Technology Will Tell Of The White Towns That He Attacked And Abused RACKETEERING PROSTITUTION OFFENSES. White Offenses Are Worth More Money. He Don't Want The Ghetto And The Black Woman No More. He Can't Sell The Ghetto Offers. Rodwin Rinwald Taken Four (4) Full Protest, Lobbys Off Of Me. He Looks A White Man Now. A Tortured Microwave Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs. I Don'T Know This Man In The Night. He Owns Me As His Wife In The Night.

[New Page, this one written Portrait Style, as opposed to Landscape]

Technology That Was Given To These Black Me And Women In The Night of the Black Church To Protect Me From Microwave Abuse Oppression And White Racism. There Black Women Abused Me Worse (Coat Women Oppression).
12. There White Men In The Night To Help Them Keep Me In There Black Oppression. They Send Directives To The Town To Open There Lines To Attack Me. They Own Own My Writing And Technology For My Black Oppressors. They Travel Them Safe On There White Frames.
1. Three (3) Main Frames, 30 Black Ministers Against The Town One (1) Main Frame. They Have Enough Technology To Control Three Countries. You Need A Military Frame To Blow Them Up.
2. 20 Million Black Frames Controlled By Hazel Flue Offense, Oral Sex Offense. She Is A Ghetto Street Pimp On My Travel.
3. Ten (10) Old Black Women Frames, There Black Church Women, Ghetto Street Pimp Woman In The Night. Carl Wyman, Avenging Process Against Wealthy White Areas. [underline]Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald. Tell California To Put Her Down For Good. Trash That On My Travel.[end underline]
4. Microwave Technology 667. Designed To Protect Women. A Prostitution Technology Now. John Rodwin Ringwald Put A Klansman Raft On My Technology Against Black Women.
5. My Raft 2256. My Raft Says That I Am Not To Be Refused A Service.
6. A White Box From Atlanta And Carl Wyman Box (Black Box) A Prostitution On The Whole Town. He Gave The Oral Sex Offense to Hazel Flu Offense.
7. The Abused And Attacked Auburn, California And Domestic Violence Organization For Two (2) Months.
8. Tell Boston, Massachusett That There Illegal Collection Is In Miami, Florida Again. Chico, CA.
9. Moron Microwave Abuse Oppression on The Whole Town, Hazel Flu Offense. No One Sees The Offense.
10. Black Line Abuse, Black Pimp Minister In The Night, Pimp Line Ip On The Whole Town.
11. Black Men And Women In The Night Of The Black Church. They Are White Now To Collect On The Microwave Abuse Oppression Offense Funds. They Have White Coats, White Light, And White Frames.

[new page, this one reverting to landscape format..I swear it ONLY gets better]

The Organiation [illegible words cuts off my top of page] Pimp Man Minister In The Night, A National Black Microwave Abuse Oppression For Ten Years In Ever Building. White Light for Protection. Protocol Race Separation. Black Line Abuse, Pimp Black Minister In The Night Pimp Line Up On The Whole Town. Black Box Abuse, Delivery Boy, Carl Wyman, The Grandfather Time, Control The Whole Town In A Prostitution Oppression To Abuse Everything. Black Man, Howard Warner Got The White Fox From Atlanta, Ga., Moron Microwave Abuse Oppression The Whole Town.

My Black Oppressers Are Separating Me From My I.D., Protest Lobby And Clothing To Lock Me Down, Mental Ward Me, To Put On There Women To Collect On The Microwave Oppression Offense Funds. (Wash Boy, John Rodwin Ringwald). He Is Not Sweetheart Or Husband. [Tom: no shit honey...you've made that clear. And with that, we begin the random numbering again]

1. Exeter, N.H., Identification, Ticket, And Protest Lobby. February, 2006.
2. Concord, N.H., Protest On The Black Women Abusing Me Worse Than There Black Men And White Racism And Microwave Abuse Oppression. January, 2006.
3. Bath, Maine, Identification, January 2006.
4. Provo, Utah, Identification From Auburn, California, 2004.
5. Columbus, Ohio, Protest Lobby, 2003.

My Black Oppressors Hire White Police Officers To Lock Me Down, Mental Ward Me To Put My I.D., My Protest Lobby And My Clothing On There Women To Collect On The Offense Funds. [circled] Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwalk And Hazel Wyman[end circling], The Offense. (They Own The Black Church Women Oral Sex Offense WingDing On Your White Men, Women, And Children In Wealthy Areas. White Offenses Are Worth More Money.
A Tortured Microwave Lobbyist, Not A Woman Pleasure
Marilyn Gibbs
The Owner Of My Soul, Not There Raft Woman, A One Woman Fight

[And just when you thought she was done, there's one more page]

Elks Organization, Black Man, Howard Warner, Street Ghetto Pimp Man In The Night A National Black Microwave Abuse Oppression For Ten Years. Black Church Box Abuse On The Whole Town To Control The Town In A Prostitution Oppression To Abuse Everything. Black Line Abuse, A Black Minister Man In The Night, Pimp Line Up On The Whole Town. A Moron Microwave Abuse Oppression On The Whole Town. Hazel Flu Offense.

My Black Oppressers Are Blocking Lines To Keep The Town From Sending For Help To Stop There Black Take Over (Illegal Collection).

1. Delivery Boy, Carl Wyman, Black Minister, Main The Night, Grandfather Time
2. Errand Boy, Howard Warner, Writer, N.Y. Black Minister, Man In The Night
3. Wash Boy, John Rodwin Ringwald, Black Minister, Ghetoo Street Drug Addict, Man In The Night
4. Hazel Flue Offense, Pimp Woman In The Night
5. Rita Flu Offense [Tom: starting to sound like an animated school health special] Pimp Woman In The Night
6. Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald Oral Sex Offnse, Black Ghetto Street Pimps In The Night. My Oppressors Look White Now To Collect On The Offense Funds.
7. White Men In The Night Are Employed To Help Keep Me In There Black Oppression. I Don't Collect On The Offense Funs.


There Are On Line Directing Services. My Clothing, I.D., And My Lobby Protest Is To Be Given To THe Mayor's Office And Sent To Dave Blankney, 277 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2P1Y3, (613)236-7238.
A Tortured Microwave Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbws, The Owner Of My Own Soul.
A One Woman Fight.