Saturday, January 2, 2010

San Luis Obispo, CA

Today, a well-dressed black woman came into my work. (a copy shop in San Luis Obispo, CA.) Speaking to me, she was very polite, if a little needy. Many of the customers here are just as needy and not at all polite, so she made a good impression right away. After a miunte or two of talking to her though, something seemed off. Confiding to me that she had been a victim of identity theft, she handed me a nearly illegible handwritten paper, asking for 200 copies.
When the job was finished she paid in cash, using a bill on which she had written "Race Separation Black Race Abuse".
Before she left, she approached the counter again to give me one of the copies I had made for her. She had highlighted part of it in blue ink. She then told me that "they" can implant microchips in people, that she was dealing with at least three crooked black cops, and that their wifes were even worse. "They have the ability to make you a sex slave." she told me, "You stay away from those bad women." Then she left.
Reading the copy, I became concerned by its mention of people by first and last name, including, in one case, a car's liscense plate number. I Googled one of the names and almost immediately found this blog. My co-worker and I were blown away by the amount of information on Marilyn, how many people have encountered her, and how far she has travelled.
Attached is a scan of the aforementioned paper, with surnames and liscense plate number obscured.