Monday, January 18, 2010

Watsonville, CA

I was getting lunch in Watsonville, CA on Monday Jan 18 2010, when Marilyn approached me and politely asked if I knew where the battered woman's center was. I was immediately concerned, but said I didn't know because I didn't live in the area. She then asked where the library and post office where, so I pointed her down main street in the right direction. She asked if there was a battered woman's center in my town and if I could deliver one of the copies of her letter there. I agreed and put the letter into my bag without reading it.
About three minutes later she approached me again, but didn't seem to remember our previous conversation. She handed me another copy of the letter and said, "a protest for Martin Luther King". I told her she had already given me a copy and handed it back. She then left the building and I didn't see her again.
After reading the letter, I googled Carl Wyman to see if there was something more than just crazy rambling to her story. I thought maybe she had internalized something in the news or had fragmented memories of a crime she witnessed long ago. That's what led me to this blog.
Like most people with posts here, I wish I'd asked more questions and offered more help. Even though she's obviously disturbed and I do worry about her safety, I don’t think anyone should keep her from her journey. She has the right to deliver her confusing message and touch people in her strange clandestine way. It's Martin Luther King Day today and I can't help but feel like my compassion was tested. It’s easy to pass her off with a laugh, and granted a lot of her ramblings are hilarious, but her feelings are real and worth respecting.
Good luck to you, Marilyn. I hope you find what you're looking for.