Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Burlington, MA

I just gave a ride to Marilyn in Burlington, Massachusetts. I picked
her up at the corner of Route 62 and Network Drive at about 10:30 am,
12/5/07. She said she was an activist like Martin Luther King and
something about who killed him. She first asked to go to a restaurant,
and then changed her mind asking to be dropped off at a church. She
said that she had been kicked out of a shelter. When I dropped her off,
she gave me her 2 page "brochure" (same as the one posted for Waterbury,
VT on 12/3/07) and a Staples brochure folded inside. She borrowed a pen
and on the back of the "brochure" wrote:
"0510 Bus, 10:20 am
Oral Sex Ride, Racketeering"