Friday, December 7, 2007

Glenmont, NY

I just gave Marilyn a ride in Glenmont NY at around 12:30 today. she asked me for a ride to staples. i decided this was going to be a quiet ride, since i wasn't sure what she would be asking of me. after loading her black suitcase and clear bag of many rolls of toilet paper, the 1st thing she said was 'are there many blacks here?" i was shocked, i said "in Albany" and she said, no, here. I said I have no idea. she said she had to get out of albany. then she asked me for a donation for her copies. i politely declined. then she said she was an activist like martin luther king before he died. then she handed me her manifesto wrapped around a kmart ad. she said that her name was marilyn gibbs and she wanted me to have this. then she thanked me for the ride, asked me if there were any churches around. i pointed to the one across the street. she told me i had a great smile and thanked me for being a white light on her journey.

i am still confused, but realized that she was definitely not all there. very nice though.