Monday, December 10, 2007

Coxsackie, NY

Your girl was in Coxsackie, NY yesterday (Sunday, December 9) about 8:30 AM just off the Thruway exit on Route 9W at an Extra Mart/Sunoco. She stoped my friend as he was pumping gas, wished him a Merry Christmas and told him her story. The story finished with the requisite compliment on his smile and a request for a ride to a church or transportation to I95 to get to DC. He drove off with the manifesto, marked as "protocol" and called me immediately since I'm a writer that dabbles in stream-of-consciousness tracts and the occasional rant. While it was already clear this woman was mentally ill (schizophrenia, or some sort of fugue state, no doubt) he wanted me to critique the piece and glean some sort of meanign from it. Later in teh morning, she ended up at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, just up the street from my apartment. She burst into mass, copies of her manifesto cascading form her hands down the aisles as she rambled about the black Church, oppression and microwaves. Can you please tell me what you know about this woman? The police were called but she was gone before they swarmed the church. I forwarded the updated scan of her protocol, which appears to be a work in progress. Hope to hear from you. Is there a myspace group with photos? I didn't get to see her, but an entire congergation now has copies of her manifesto, which desperately needs an editor.

Some questions and possible theories:

Was this woman molested or prostituted by her pastor, John Rodwin Ringwald? Who's Carl Wyman? And I'm asuming we're not talking about microwaves, the appliance, but microwaves, the frequency.

Also -- do you think this woman poses a significant threat to the public? "Kill the collection girl" sounds like it's a real, malevolent decree.