Monday, December 3, 2007

Waterbury, VT

I have a Marilyn sighting. A co worker pointed me to this site after I told him my strange story and he did a qucik google search.
It was outside a brew pub in Waterbury VT Friday 11/30 just before midnight, I wandered over to my car in the back of the Bank North parking lot. From behind me I hear a "hello.....excuse me....". It was a late 30's early 40's black women looking for a ride to where she was staying. Well since I live in a town/state that is 99.9% white, I figure she's not local and could use a lift. It was a cold night, she didn't look like she was dressed for a long winter walk, so I ask "where to" and she tells me the Best Western. No problem, right on my way home. While getting in the car, she asks me if there are any "clubs" in town (now I know she's not from around here). I explain that the two bars we have are closing, maybe there's something in Montpelier. I ask her where she's from and she tells me Auburn, CA which is pretty close to where I lived in Tahoe. We chat about that for maybe a minute. Half way to the hotel, the conversation gets a bit weird. She tells me of conspiracy theories, people out to get her, government stuff, etc, etc. I pull into the drop off area at the hotel, and she stays in my car for five minutes still telling me this stuff, giving me names of people to "Google", etc. I'm just nodding, smiling, and hoping she's getting out of my car soon. Before leaving she produces the attached two documents for me to take home. She had a whole stack of them. Thankfully she got out of the car and went on her way.