Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Auburn, CA

Well, I believe I encountered Marilyn in Auburn, CA, so apparently she made it to her destination. She was on a street corner, and motioned for me to roll down my window. I opened the door instead, and took her paper, which appears much like the one scanned in by the previous poster. She was very pleasant, and it was a brief encounter, since I was at a four-way stop.
No word on where she is headed next, so I'll be watching the postings.


scott said...

Wow, she even made it to the devil's asshole on earth, Grand Forks, ND. I was sitting in the library and she approached me with her handwritten flier, and followed up by asking me for money. Soliciting money on a college campus the week after spring break? Come on Marilyn, that is even crazier than what is on the flier! I felt really drunk as I tried to decipher what exactly this gibberish was trying to get at. A very sweet lady, but if she needs $900 to fly to Switzerland, maybe she should stop traveling for a while. I hear that can be expensive these days, which is why my broke ass remained in this hell hole for spring break.