Wednesday, February 27, 2008

St Paul, MN

Well, I had the pleasure of encountering Marilyn on a city bus in St Paul, Minnesota this morning on my way to work. She was passing out two-sided photocopies of her message to me and my fellow bus riders. To further emphasize her point she had a laminated copy of her screed affixed to some sort of a necklace and another copy of it taped to the back of her coat. Though I'm certain I could have engaged her in some fascinating conversation, being that it was only 7:15AM I felt more comfortable to just opt to listen to her interactions with other passengers.

I was of course shocked to learn that John Rodwin Rinwald was with us on the bus at that very moment! Other than that, there's not much more to share except that she muttered something about God and Thanksgiving as she traipsed off the bus to a near-by convenience store.

I've scanned a copy of her message (attached) which curiously features an image of her Amtrak tickets from Martinsburg, West Virginia to Minot, North Dakota

  • Letter (pdf)