Saturday, February 23, 2008

Winchester, VA

12:50 Saturday Feb. 23 , I encountered the distraught middle-aged black from my vehicle at a traffic intersection near Apple Blossom Mall, Winchester, VA . She hand me a handwritten tract of obscure rambling accusations which I shared with my wife. We subsequently prayed for sanity and safe passage for her stressed-out mind in this fast-paced hectic world. Godspeed...


MKH said...

25 February 2008, Winchester, VA
Just out of curiosity, I decided to type the name of John Rodwin Ringwald into the computer to see what I came up with. What a surprise! This morning I was coming out of the Catholic Church in Winchester, VA and Marilyn Gibbs approached me and asked me if I could give her a ride to Martinsburg, WV. She said she would like to be dropped off at the Catholic Church there because the people at Catholic churches were good to her.
I drove her to Martinsburg. I asked her about her family, but she told me she did not have any connections with them. She said she was a Lobbyist. I asked her what she was lobbying for. She told me that she was lobbying to make sure that microchips were not put into people so that they could be tracked down. Once we got to Martinsburg, she said she actually was hoping to get the Amtrak train to North Dakota where people could help her from the abuse that this man was inflicting on her. I took her to the train station. I found out they do not sell train tickets there. While checking on that, I got a parking ticket. We went to City hall so that I could pay the ticket. Then in the process of walking around downtown Martinsburg, I found a local travel agent and asked if they could arrange for her to get tickets to where she wanted to go. I did not have but a little cash on me which I had already given to her, but I wanted to help her. I used my credit card to buy her a train ticket. I had no idea that she was schizophrenic, but began to realize that she was not normal. I did not feel in danger and I don't think she would harm anyone. We went to Arby’s and had lunch. She told me that she could use another coat because hers was torn. I found the local charity office CCAP and took her there. They would not give her a coat because they told me she had to live in vicinity to be eligible to get anything. I think that is terrible. They told me where there was a thrift store, so we went there next. They did not have anything that fit her but the proprietor was kind enough to let her sit there and rest, and she provided me with a needle and thread, and I sewed up the hem of her coat so that she could continue to wear it. Since the train was not leaving until this evening I asked if she could stay there in the store until it was close to the time she was to get the train and the woman said she could. I hugged Marilyn goodbye and told her to call me when she arrived, then I drove back home. Then I started reading the paper she gave me; on the outside she wrote my name on it. At the bottom of the flyer recently written in ink, I guess while she was sitting there in the store she wrote:
10:00 am, Carjacking Offense. Oral Sex Offense Ride, Racketeering, John Rodwin.
It upset me because I wondered if somehow she was inferring that I was involved. I got on the phone and called the lady at the thrift shop and told her what I had read and just wanted her to be careful because I really did not know what she was capable of. She told me she would be on her guard, but that she was just sitting there with the TV on and sleeping off and on. I just felt an obligation to tell the woman what I had read on the internet and wanted her to be safe.
From everything I have read she has been traveling the US on her crusade and some wonderful people out there have been kind to her, regardless of her mental state. I just hope she stays safe and that no one harms her. I told my husband what I did and he said
that she needs help, and that I did not give her that by buying her the train ticket. I did what I have been taught all my life to do - feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc.
MKH Winchester, VA