Thursday, February 7, 2008

Salina, KS

My fiance and I saw Marilyn on Feb. 7th, 2008. She was at a bus station/truck stop in Salina, Ks. We were sitting at a table when she came up to us and told us she was an activist like Martin Luther King, except without the money, and handed us a manifesto that was very bizarre! It read the same as everyone elses. She was very well dressed, articulate, and presented herself in a respectable manner. She asked that we deliver her "protocol" to a domestic violence shelter and then she went on ther way. I think we spent 30mins reading the thing, trying to figure it out. We assume she must have come across some terrible abuse in her life that scarred her terribly. We wish her the best and hope she remains safe and finds someone that can give her the help she needs.